Soil Testing Startup Kit


Turf ~ All Ornamentals ~ Gardens ~ Agriculture

This complete kit can generate significant dollars in new sales.

Best of all, it moves you into a new level of


far above most of your competitors.

Professional Prescription Soil Test Startup Kit Includes:
  • Soil Testing Manual Containing:
    • Profitability & Benefits of soil testing
    • Horticultural Testing vs. Agricultural Testing
    • Tips on measuring the test area
    • Basic soil structure information
    • Promoting and protecting soil biology
    • Procedures to initiate soil testing program including customizable letters, tracking forms, and Recommendation application pricing
    • How to collect soil samples
    • How to understand the Recommendations
  • 50 collection bags
  • Automatically subscribed to our Web-Based Soil Test System:
    • Log in to enter customer & soil test collection data
    • Check on status of every test being processed
    • Email notification when Results/Recommendations completed
    • Email or print out copies for your customer
    • Review archived tests any time
    • Maintains customer database & generates 3rd year test list
    • Eligible for rebate program
  • Core Sampling Soil Profiler OR Measuring Wheel with telescopic handle and kick stand - YOUR CHOICE!

With Every Test You Get:
  • 19-point Prescription Soil Analysis with Recommendations
  • Discounted pricing program for professionals
  • 6-page, Full Color Brochure for your customer
  • Full-view mailing envelope for your customer
Soil Test Folder

Basic Program for Turf:
  • As a professional, your cost is $35
  • Average retail price is $49
  • Everything listed under “With Every Test You Get” is included
  • Click Here to review a sample copy of the Professional Prescription Soil Analysis Results & Recommendations.

Advanced Program for Ornamentals, Gardens or Agriculture:
  • To review a sample copy of the Advanced Professional Prescription Soil Analysis Results & Recommendations, click on the appropriate link.
  • To the basic cost of $35, add $10 for each set of species or crop specific Recommendations

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