Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What would I see in a lawn that would indicate I need a soil test?
A. Symptoms of Sick Soil (as indicated by your lawn)

Q. What would I look for on my trees or shrubs that would indicate I need a soil test?
A. Symptoms of Sick Soil (as indicated by your trees and shrubs)

Q. Are there things that I may not be able to see that might indicate that I should get a soil test?
A. Good Reasons for Soil Testing

Q. Is there more than one type of soil test?
A. All Soil Tests …

Q. How do I collect soil and submit it for testing?
A. Turf | Non-Turf

Q. What will the results look like?
A. Soil Test Results

Q. How long does the process take?
A. Approximately 2 weeks

Q. If the soil test results indicate I need to put something on my lawn, trees, or shrubs, will I understand what is required and where I can get the products?
A. The Prescription Results are very specific as to the required product, the amount of product to apply, and the number of times that a particular type of application must be made if multiple applications are necessary. Some of the products are available from any garden center. If you can’t locate a particular product, a company called Nature’s Pro, LLC has all of the products available and ships thoughout the United States. Of course, you can always call someone from our helpful staff for further clarification and specific product recommendations.

Q. Are the products very costly?
A. Some are not costly at all, lime or calcium for instance. Some of the other products are a little more costly but the cost can be spread out over a period of time, perhaps a year or more. All products can easily be applied by a homeowner or a green industry professional.